Seeing Green

I recently got hooked on the idea that my parents should have their kitchen nook table painted green. In their very Scandinavian chic apartment in Stockholm there is some color missing (says the half-adapted Calfornia designer I have become). I originally specified Hunter green by Benjamin Moore, but the color is not available on the Swedish Market. I came across Forest by Jotun through a photographers instagram @smallpigart. I ran into Anna, the owner of the account on a flight to Istanbul last summer and trusted her choice instantly. Not knowing a paint expert had told my Mother about the color to after her showing her my original pick. Hoping for a great success and pictures to come within the next few weeks (top right corner paintsplash is original art my Mama Concept-by-C).

Here is some other inspiration currently on my mind. Need this chair for my bedroom (on sale at WorldMarket). I also started crushing on pottery by the Australian company Pop and Scott, isn’t everything Australian trending right now? I have 2 rubber plants in my apartment currently, 1 is fading on me, please give me tips on how to show it the best love.



Published by concept-by-c

interior designer based in LA. 2011 Caroline Froeberg moved to Los Angeles from Stockholm to earn a degree in Interior Design. Since then she has been working at internationally known design firms in Los Angeles and worked on projects locally and internationally. With a broad eye for design and previous schooling in Business she has a strong mind set to be creative in every part of her life.

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