Most girls can’t have too many shoes, but I can’t have too many chairs.

A chair lover at heart – I have been collecting chairs since a young age. Ask my dear mother how happy she is about my collection of chairs and stools in Stockholm, considering I have not lived there the past 6 years. My Los Angeles collection has been kept under control but there are still “some” pieces that I have managed to collect. LA has been my temporary home for the past years, but recently started to feel more like my home. It is here I had my second own apartment. I have shared 6 years living with amazing girls in different parts of the city but I have finally managed to make one feel like home.


I believe every Swede knows what this simple easter decor is. In Sweden we don’t only paint the eggs we are eating for easter breakfast, but we paint eggs and hang in cherry blossom vines. In old tradition, one can buy these vines with feathers on already.

The eggs are a fun easter craft. One needs to pick a whole on the bottom of the egg and on top. Thereafter one blows out all the yolk. Ones this is done, leave to dry. By tying a string onto a tiny oval bead and pushing it through the whole, you create a ornamentation loop.

This years Pantone color trend is Greenery 15-0343. Inspired by this I created both green sparkling eggs and navy blue.



Working on an exciting final project in school, focusing on architecture and concepts for a cultural house. Being in school opens my creativity and I am feeling inspired in every part of my life. Last week I spent Thursday night drinking wine and brainstorming with a great friend I am hoping to engage in business with.

Great architects such as Luis Barragán inspire me every day. Those of you who follow my instagram, can’t but have noticed my current crush on pink.



I can’t believe January has already passed. 2017 is already off to a great start. I have been more inspired than before to work hard and stop and think about what’s next. What’s next? So many exciting ideas for this year.

I made one decision while I was back in Stockholm, to live in the now and enjoy every bit of Los Angeles.

Last month I got inspired by museum visits, exciting new plans, and new changes in my personal life. For the blog, this means a lot more commitment and partnerships. Stay tuned to see whats coming up! I have been planing all month!